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  • Chinese new year

Chinese new year in Tainan

chinese new year chinese new year is really crazy, but I love it! End of celebrating The Chinese new year (CNY) in Tainan ( Taiwan ) was one of my best festivals ever. Lot of delicious food, beautiful temple, several thousands of visitors and several time the firework show. It was the last evening of the celebrations in south Taiwan in Tainan City. For me it was the first experience, but I really loved it! Especially the part with the [...]

  • Tokyo

Tokyo photo trip to the future

Tokyo trip to the future Tokyo trip to the future For Slovak language text, just click here Sunset in Tokyo from the building of the Mori Art Museum.   This is very popular place for visitors of this City. The Mori Art Museum   From one of the side you can see also the mount of Fuji   Exposition of Japan projects around whole world   Sorrounding of the Museum Mori [...]

  • taroko

Taroko and Hehuanshanguanli

Taroko and Hehuanshanguanli Taroko and our first article from this beautiful place you can find here Our second trip to Taroko National Park was during the autumn. Below you can find some photos from this trip. We were group of 8 people from 5 countries. I'm really very glad from this trip, because, I spent funny time with these perfect people. Gallery from Taroko National Park in Taiwan Taroko and Hehuanshanguanli Our start was from Hualien coast near Hualien [...]

  • Austria

Austria, from the Danube to the Alps

Austria, from the Danube to the Alps   The Mostviertel is a typically Austrian region in Lower Austria. It is situated about 12 kilometers south-west from Austria’s capital city Vienna. This magically region combines many of the country’s distinctive features: beautiful scenery between the Danube and thee Alps with a rich history and extraordinary cultural treasures. The whole region boasts extremely well-maintained roads, even in the higher altitude areas. The mild face of the Mostviertel The gently rolling hills south of [...]

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  • The Monkey Jungle

The Monkey Jungle

The Monkey Jungle in the National Park "El Choco" is located on the north of Dominican Republic, on the road between Puerto Plata and Cabarete.   National Park El Choco     Here you can find the another one view of this Country. On the edge of National Park, in accordance with the pure nature is hidden small reservation. Of course, this place is opened every day for tourist and local people, which love the nature. "free care [...]

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