• Nepal

Nepal Adventurous and Holidays

Nepal - Small country for big Adventures Nepal Adventurous Holidays in Nepal Adventure Holiday in Nepal is a 13-day trip that provides a mix of adventure in the high mountains, valleys, rivers and jungles of Nepal. The trip begins with the exploration of four UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu followed by canyoning and white water rafting in the raging Bhotekoshi River. Our Adventure Holiday in Nepal continues with trekking in the Annapurna region to witness the sunrise from the [...]

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  • Malá Fatra

Malá Fatra National Park

Malá Fatra is a place for everybody   The National Park Malá Fatra is located on the north of Slovakia. This is a great area for walking, hiking, trekking, and many outdoor attractions. Everybody can find here the best activity for him.   The Ridge of trek   Our trek started in the small and beautiful village called Štefanová. It is a great entry point because in this village you can find a little bit of typical old [...]

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  • Aviation

Aviation day in Trenčín

Aviation day Aviation day and everything connected with flying is possitive for me. It was one sunny day with one of my friends which is pilot and he take me with him to the cocpit. I love flying and this aviation day have been for me really amazing! This is photo reportage from my experiences in small aircraft for two persons. I hope, you will enjoy it similar like me. I wanna say big thank you Roman for this great [...]

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  • Taiwan

Taiwan party

Taiwan, zelená perla v Tichom Oceáne. Takto by som charakterizoval ostrov Taiwan a jeho krásy, ktoré ponúka. Hneď po návrate domov sa situácia s upravovaním a vyberaním fotografií značne skomplikovala. Žiaľ, na moje nešťastie som si z tejto, pre našinca exotickej krajiny, priniesol aj nechcený suvenír v podobe „nejakej“ baktérie. V konečnom dôsledku to pre mňa znamenalo hospitalizáciu v nemocnici a dvojmesačnú práceneschopnosť.   Pobrežie orchydeového ostrova Lanyu   Možno niekoho napadne, že to nemuselo byť až také zlé, zostať po mesačnej dovolenke doma ešte ďalšie dva [...]