Tokyo photo trip to the future

Tokyo trip to the future Tokyo trip to the future For Slovak language text, just click here Sunset in Tokyo from the building of the Mori Art Museum.   This is very popular place for visitors of this City. The Mori Art Museum   From one of the side you can see also the mount of Fuji   Exposition of Japan projects around whole world   Sorrounding of the Museum Mori [...]

Sun waking up and falling asleep

Sun in my life Sun I love . Sunsets and sunrises. It is my favorite part of the day. When I see it, it always charge me with positive energy. I am glad that I can share my feelings with you by these photos.   Amazing sunset from Little Liuqiu Island, Taiwan   Sunrise at the Beach in Tarifa, Spain   Sunrise view to Africa from Tarifa, Spain   Sunrise from Island La [...]

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Luxembourg – Little big City

Between the valley of the Alzette and Pétrusse originated from the fort on a hilltop Bock is situated Luxembourg. After the capital, was named the whole country.  Lives here almost one fifth population of the Grand Duchy. It is one of the three small states of the "Union", which is known as BENELUX. Not only it is its member, its founder also - as well as other big associations (NATO, EU, OECD). It is a constitutional monarchy whose head is [...]

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