Taroko and Hehuanshanguanli

Taroko and Hehuanshanguanli Taroko and our first article from this beautiful place you can find here Our second trip to Taroko National Park was during the autumn. Below you can find some photos from this trip. We were group of 8 people from 5 countries. I'm really very glad from this trip, because, I spent funny time with these perfect people. Gallery from Taroko National Park in Taiwan Taroko and Hehuanshanguanli Our start was from Hualien coast near Hualien [...]

Taroko National Park

Taroko - The Marble Gorge   Place where God was born. It is one from eight national parks in Taiwan. His name Taroko is originated from the word "beautiful" in the "Truku" domestic language. This park is beginning with the main gate which is very close to the Pacific ocean. Then step by step sinuous roads continue higher to mountains. In this area is ample of marble. That is the reason why it is sometimes called "The Marble Gorge".   [...]