Taroko – The Marble Gorge


Place where God was born. It is one from eight national parks in Taiwan. His name Taroko is originated from the word „beautiful“ in the „Truku“ domestic language. This park is beginning with the main gate which is very close to the Pacific ocean. Then step by step sinuous roads continue higher to mountains. In this area is ample of marble. That is the reason why it is sometimes called „The Marble Gorge“.


Taroko National Park

Entry Gate to Taroko N.P.


We spend there unfortunatelly just one day. But it was one beautifull day. The main road is in great condition. It was good chance to use the small motocycle. Together with two friends from Singapur, our trip started from very pleasant Hotel Culinan where we spent one night. This hotel is located in Hualien City. It is very good starting point if you wanna go to Taroko N.P. Distance from town to entrance gate is approximately 50 min on the motorbike.


Taroko National Park

Lions Head at the Gate


On whole road are small checkpoints. From this points you can get to many easy or hard treks. You can find here beautiful views, many cultural sightseeings, amazing nature, friendly people, new culture and much more. But what I can underline is neverending relax. In some places you can be only you and your mind…


Taroko National Park

Belfry view


I could speak many words about Taroko National Park and his beauty. But I think the better idea is check the pictures from this place. If you wanna small tip, you can play some relaxation music and lets go to slideshow from National Park Taroko in Taiwan.

Enjoy it..

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