Arctic cruise

Arctic cruise

The peculiarities of arctic cruise, preparation for travel and route selection. Make sure you are ready and start exploring the Arctic today!


Unexplored Arctic


Arctic is one of the most remote places in the world, which is why it is so attractive for those tourists who have already seen a lot and want to spend an extreme rest. The complete absence of civilization, which extends for several kilometers, white expanses, ice floes which sparkle under the sun, serene silence and polar bears who are immutable hosts of this region – all these greatly attract tourists and make them go on arctic cruise. They will allow you to visit a variety of places and get to know the peculiarities of this region.

Considering the fact that it’s not necessary to issue any special visa when going to the Arctic, you can easily go on a cruise to these northern locations. All that is required is to choose a reliable tour operator, arrange a travel tour and to have sufficient funds as the cost of these routes is high enough.


Arctic cruise


Take care of yourself


Despite the fact that it’s believed that the climate in there is very severe, and there are constant frosts, it is mild enough during summer so we try to organize tourist tours and various expeditions during this period.

It’s better to travel to the Arctic between April and October. And it’s recommended to get acquainted with the polar bears in July and August.

We must remember that the feature of this place is a high solar radiation; the sun almost never sets in the summer. Therefore, you need sunglasses with high SPF. In addition, you should worry about clothing that must be taken with you.


Arctic cruise


Choosing a route


Choosing a route for such coveted cruise. You should pay enough attention to the choice of a cruise ship on which you will travel. Keep in mind that you will be able to visit more places on the smaller vessel, since it’s more maneuverable, but the big ship is more comfortable and safer.

Going on a cruise, you will be able to visit the Netherlands, Iceland, Spitsbergen, Greenland, Norway. Routes are usually fairly long, not less than 14 days and pass along the coasts of Alaska and Canada, extend further to the East, skirting Greenland and Iceland to the Old World.

Scandinavian cruises usually cover Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Choosing a route, you have to decide what you want to see the most. Maybe you are interested in Franz Josef Land and Spitsbergen. There you can see the historic sites and abundant wildlife. Or you are more attracted by three pearls: Spitsbergen – Greenland – Iceland. Or perhaps you want to see huge icebergs with unforgettable Northern Lights in East Greenland.

In any case, you’ll have to choose the route and take a cruise. You’ll have an unforgettable journey that will change all your ideas about beauty!

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