The south part of Poland is rich in many ways. A lot of people are traveling to this area for many reasons. The cultural heritage, nature, food, traditional habits of the local people, history or etc. Probably the biggest part of them will stop only in Cracow and Oswiecim.


I was also one of them.

Fortunately, it changed a few weeks ago and I saw the next beauty of this part in Poland. Not far away from the National Park of Pieniny is a small town called Gorlice. On the map small, but huge from the history. Did you know about it? No worry, me neither.

Gorlice mesto svetla star trek

Gorlice are surrounded by beautiful landscape views. It is great news for all of those who like to hike or spent the time in the pure nature. You should pay attention for something unique, what is located in the forest. In this area was founded the black gold – oil. From that time was a completely new period of the Gorlice town. A lot of people moved here because of the new work opportunities. Some of them were suddenly super-rich.

Gorlice mesto svetla lavička s Ignácom Lukasiewiczom

Gorlice were also attractive for one guy. He changes the history of the whole world. Ignacy Łukasiewicz. Pharmacist, inventor and of course businessman. Until today is his name famous not only here, but a lot of people around the world know him how great founder was he.

In the year 1854 was the creator of the world first street oil lamp. In the year 1856 was the creator of the first modern oil refinery in the world. He also found the way, how to distill the diesel from the oil. Of course, he did many more things. We should say he was the father of the modern oil industry.

Gorlice mesto svetla palácový park

Gorlice are also called by the town of the light. If you’re guessing because of Ignacy Łukasiewicz first lamp, you´re right. In the opportunity of the 165 anniversary, his lamp was the town celebrating this unique moment. And how to celebrate this event?  Light show.

During the cold autumn evening was a lot of local people watching a performance of the fire show at the main square. It was a really fantastic idea how to connect history and the current time to the same point.

If your next trip is also to southern Poland, definitely you have to think about the staying Gorlice. You can find here many more things than you will expect.

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